Irony missed

Watching Fox News – again, yet, still!! It’s amazing that some commentators don’t see the irony of criticizing people who warn about the dangers of drilling of oil but who still drive cars.  Many of us knew about climate change and peak oil over 20 years ago and have been lobbying for alternatives to oil for years.  In the meantime, the oil companies and car manufacturers, together with their friends in government, ignored the warnings and shelved ideas for new technology that would replace oil-based transport – (see the doco “Who killed the electric car?”).  The rest of us now don’t have a lot of choice about whether or not we use oil.  Unless you live in a city or along a public transport route, or can ride a bike to where you’re going, you still have to drive in most cases.  So, blaming consumers for the fact that they drive and use oil when there are no alternative transport fuels or technology is a non-sequitur designed to shut them up about the dangers of drilling.

With the primary elections over, interesting new candidates are emerging who are saying really stupid things – like the California candidate who wants to repeal the Clean Air Act because, after all, she argues, the economy is more important than the environment.  (As Dr David Suzuki said to an Australian politician who said something similar, “Excuse me, but do we live on the same planet?”)  “We can clean up the environment in future, once our economy has improved,” the candidate said.  Isn’t she at all aware that the economy is dependent upon the environment?  Surely the Gulf oil spill has taught everyone that – besides, the fact is that California’s regulations under the Clean Air Act have created a lot of jobs in the renewable energy sector.  It amazes me that candidates can be selected who not only don’t know simple ecology and economics, but also who have no knowledge of the history of the issues about which they’re commenting. (I have an excuse – I’m just a blogger, not a candidate.)

Hello world!

Yes, I’m finally joining the 21st century and creating a blog about those things that are important to me – women’s rights, the environment and our economy – I guess this includes almost anything I want to talk about.

I’m currently in the U.S. and watching Fox News (thanks to my mother who will only watch Fox and will only vote for anyone who is against abortion no matter what else they stand for!).  So, it seems to me I have to take revenge, or at least rebel, by making my views known to an audience, no matter how small it might be.

A prime example of what irks me is Sarah Palin, who recently chanted, “drill, baby, drill” and who is now criticising President Obama for not doing enough to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  She’s against big government and in favour of free market forces, but when something goes wrong due to lack of regulation, she’s the first to blame the existing administration, whose only sin is that they gave in to her side and allowed the deep sea off-shore drilling in the first place!  Ms Palin is a prime example of a woman who got to where she is today by acting like a man – giving bounties for killing wolves from an airplane because these natural predators compete with hunters for other wildlife!  What is that about?